IJFSNPHT 2016 Volume 8 Issue 5

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Production and evaluation of gluten-free noodles with high nutritional value. Walid M. Shehata. IJFSNPHT (2016), 8(5):22-31




Production and evaluation of gluten-free noodles with high nutritional value

Authors & Affiliation:

Walid M. Shehata

Crops Technology Research Department, Food Technology Research Institute, Agriculture Research Center, Giza, Egypt



This study aimed to evaluate physiochemical characteristics, cooking quality and sensory properties of gluten-free noodles from five blends of broken rice flour, cassava flour, pumpkin powder, extruded defatted soy flour (EDSF) and xanthan. Adding of EDSF to gluten-free noodles formula increased protein content (15.57%). Adding of pumpkin powder to gluten-free noodles increased ß-Carotene and vitamin A (1295µg/100g–107.9 µg Retinol Activity Equivalent). Cooking quality of gluten-free noodles (cooking time, cooking weight and swelling) were increased but cooking loss and protein loss were decreased. Color measurement was ranged from yellow to orange yellow in all noodle products. Texture profile analysis revealed that hardness, cohesiveness, gumminess were increased .Chewiness and Springiness was recorded the highest value content in product no.3 compared with all products. Sensory evaluation revealed that product no.3 was the highest in overall acceptability for color, shininess, surface smoothness, firmness, chewiness, elasticity and taste. The study indicated the possibility of producing gluten-free noodles with high acceptable and nutritional value for celiac disease from formula no.3.

Key Words: Gluten-free noodle, Cooking quality, Physiochemical, Color, Sensory properties, Texture profile analysis